Christmas inspired make-up video tutorial (red, gold, green)

I recreated the Christmas look in the video and adjust a little bit from the previous look I did here :
Christmas makeup tutorial


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I  appreciate it ^^
Thank you.

Happy new year 2012 , I hope it’s not too late to say.


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That's a gorgeous look! Thanks for the tutorial.

posted by gio on 01.09.12 at 20:45

Thank you Gio

posted by Adia on 01.11.12 at 11:56

So pretty and creative! I love this tutorial 🙂

posted by Gift Princess on 01.10.12 at 13:54

Thank you Gift ^^

posted by Adia on 01.11.12 at 11:56

Hi, Adia! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog (:

Wow.. your blog is such an inspiration for girls and woman! I love your eye makeups. So bold and colorful ((:

Dreamy Princess

posted by Dreamy Princess on 01.17.12 at 15:44

Thank you dear 😀

posted by Adia on 01.29.12 at 16:03
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