Wedding photography

This is really first time I took pictures of the wedding.
The beautiful brides are twin sisters and the grooms are brothers.
Here is some shots I wanna share with you .
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Here is some shots of ‘behind the scene’.

Michael sets the studio light.

We are also the guests , so we had 1 hour to change the clothes and go to the church and the hotel.
I might upload the wedding reception pictures too, it was such a fairy tale wedding!

My rush makeup using Urban decay naked palette and I even did the hair done in the car .

Makeup steps at home
1.Apply light brown eyeshadow. ( UD naked palette)
2.Apply black gel eyeliner. ( Gino Mccray)
3.Apply brown color on the eye brows. ( UD naked palette)
4.Apply mascara. (Essence mascara ,I forgot to wear natural false eyelashes)

Makeup steps in the car
5.Apply nude lipstick and lipgloss. ( Gino Mccray)
6.Apply pink blush in the car. (‘Make me gorgeous’ brand)
(good that I wasn’t driving lol.)
7.I used curl hair extension clips and wrap up all hair together with the flower hair clip.

I might try taking a video of 5 minutes or quick makeup challenge too.It might be fun.

By the way, there is good news for anyone who wanna have  UD Naked palette.
20% discount for Urban Decay Naked Palette with the code ‘NAKED20’ until this Sunday (4 September 2011)
(free shipping worldwide)
I just bought it a month ago from though.
And now I’m wondering if I should have another one as a backup or not XD

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