Black gothic makeup

I play around with the theme of black gothic makeup, it isn’t perfect but i had some fun 🙂

Product used:


White eyeshadow from L’oreal for the highlight below eyebrows.

Black eyeshadow from L’oreal all over the lid.

Brown eyeshadow from L’oreal in the middle of the eyelid.

Black gel eyeliner from code-B Etude ,close to waterline.

Black pen eyeliner from Esprit, I’m not impressed with this one though.

I used it to draw the wings from black eyeliners in the corner but it didn’t do the good job.


For the black lips,I mixed black gel eyeliner -Eude with the nude lipstick from L’oreal.

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pretty >.< the make up so niceeee ah pi pao

posted by daria_B_robbins on 02.03.11 at 15:07

Thanks haha

posted by Adia on 02.08.11 at 11:45

Shall I write in English or German? Dunno… Thanks for commentin on my blog. Always happy to read from lovely ladies. It's great that you're a blogger, too. And you're skilled. Wow, the make up is awesome! It's sad that the Esprit eyeliner didn't work well. I'm not a fan of Esprit products, to be honest. They're overpriced and sometimes worse than Essence stuff. 🙂

posted by mylanqolia on 02.07.11 at 23:12

Thanks for your visit and I appreciated your comment! I will learn german next year 😀
I like Essence too.Your blog is really useful <3 I 'll stalk you lol.

posted by Adia on 02.08.11 at 11:43
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