Leopard shoes by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

It looks with easy mockery at everyone who loves leopard prints: shoes in the form of a real leopard! However knowing the style of French “cartoonist” Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, there is nothing to be surprised: this little thing is absolutely in his spirit.

Form of the shoes is absolutely simple, even classic: oval, slightly elongated promontory, a high and stable heel, and – a bright “predatory” design.

But Castelbajac has not just decorated the surface of shoes with “leopard skin”: this we met, and not even once, at many other brands during the presentations of the older collections. The designer drew on a promontory threatening muzzle of a predator, and even gave it bulky mustache sticking out in different directions.

But that’s not all. Cat’s long tail is hanging on the heels – parallel to the whole length of the heel of shoes. Leopard print contrast is underlined with red color – which makes these shoes even more expensive and provocative.

This is of course a funny thing, but very, very controversial. But I would not advise taking it seriously: putting those shoes, you can go, for example, to the carnival party – especially Halloween is just around the corner. And you can create a bold and unusual figure for a photo shoot.

Cost of one such original pair of Castelbajac is 467 euros.

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