Shoes/Boots I wanna have in Germany

I’m looking for new boots because the ones that I had are already broken.

This is the previous boots that I got from my mom; she bought it from Taiwan.

I really love this one because it’s cute and I also admire the color. The fabric is so soft and warm too.Moreover, I’m a laid back person so I just got my feet slipped through the shoes without unzipping it.

So now I’m looking for the boots that can handle the snow or rain.

1. This one looks soft but not sure if it’s good for winter time.Although I like the shape, it might makes my legs look longer.

Laura Scott Stiefel

Stiefel, Laura Scott. Voila Madame! Hochwertiges Lederimitat. Zierschnürung am Schaft. Mit praktischem Innenreißverschluss. Fußfreundliche Synthetikinnenausstattung. Schafthöhe ca. 38 cm, -weite ca. 38 cm. Flexible Synthetiklaufsohle mit 75-mm-Absatz.


2. The leather boots might be my next favorite , no worries about dirt anymore XD

Laura Scott Stiefel

Stiefel von Laura Scott. Aktueller Falten-Look für »unzerknautschte« Stunden, erlebnisreiche Tage – und für dich. Schlanke Form. Edles Lederimitat. Mit langem Innenreißverschluss. Feine Textilinnenausstattung. Schafthöhe ca. 43 cm, Schaftweite ca. 38 cm. Griffige Laufsohle mit 65 mm Absatz.


3. For this one , I don’t need to unzip the shoes and it’ so good for the lazy person like me ;P.

Laura Scott Schlupfstiefel

Schlupfstiefel, Laura Scott aus feinem Lederimitat. Textilfutter. Synthetikdecksohle. Flexible Synthetiklaufsohle mit 80-mm-Absatz. Schafthöhe/-weite ca. 35/34 cm.



Overknee Oberschenkellang Plateau Stiefel Schwarz

von I Love Shoes

EUR 36,99

+ EUR 7,99Versandkosten (shipping cost)
This boots from UK. , probably take 3 months to arrive and what if there ‘s a problem like it doesn’t fit to my feet size.


Pumps Keilabsatz Plateau Heels Wedges Damen

von I Love Shoes

6. TEMPT-125, 4 1/2 Heel Ribbon Lace Up Knee Boot W/Concealed PF US 6-12″

Price: from 72,90EUR
incl. 19,00% VAT. plus shipping costs

is there a zip on this one? If not, it might take time forever  to remove the ribbon before you wearing it?

Yes ,there is a zip inside, know it from the store seller.

love this style very much , so cute.

7. ARENA 2020

48.90 EUR


Thank you for my husband who will read and correct this English entry, I hope he will buy all the wishlists that I have in here XD

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Nice boots!

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